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About Us

What are the overall aims of Starchaser?

Millions of people dream of taking pleasure flights into space, of experiencing the exhilaration of launch, the thrill of weightlessness and seeing  the stunning views of our home planet from altitudes of over 100km up. Starchaser is designing and building the rockets and space related hardware that will make this dream a reality.

What educational benefit do children get from your visits / workshops?

We engage with hundreds of thousands of young people every year where we deliver a range of space related workshops, shows and presentations. Our aim is to enthuse and excite young people, to raise aspirations and to encourage them to consider careers in science and engineering.

What is your plan / timescale for future launches?

Near term we are looking to re-launch our Tempest rocket later this year (possibly October 12th). Followed by our 9 metre Skybolt rocket within a year, followed by the launch of our person carrying Nova 2 rocket perhaps 12 months after that. But it all depends on funding; Tempest is virtually paid for but we will need to raise £50k to launch Skybolt and £100k to laun

What difference has the involvement with t1d made?

Good IT support is fundamental to any business these days but for a leading edge company such as Starchaser, having the right team behind us is crucial to realising our goals and ambitions. t1d has already been of significant help to Starchaser in this regard; their service and quality of work is of the highest calibre and we look forward to a continued and fruitful partnership.